DISC – Personality Factor Profile®

The secret to personal and professional success lies in better understanding oneself and others. The persolog® Personality Model allows a reliable analysis of your own behaviour and opens your eyes to other ways of behaving.

This improves communication, helps to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts and allows for targeted personal development.

How you can better manage your behaviour

The persolog® Personality Model describes human behaviour in concrete situations with the goal of better understanding your own needs and the needs of others. It is based on four dimensions of behaviour

❙ Dominant (D) ❙ Proactive (P) ❙ Stable (S) ❙ Conscientious (C)

The four underlying tendencies of behaviour can be further broken down into 20 different behavioural tendencies. With our self-analysis tools for your personal development, the persolog® Personality Profile and the persolog® Behaviour Profile , you traverse analysis, interpretation and reflexion.

The Personality Factor Profile®

The persolog® Personality Profile is a training booklet that contains analaysis, interpretation, reflexion and action strategies on the basis of four behaviour dimensions: Dominance, Proactiveness, Stability and Con- scientiousness. Two questionnaires with 192 valid items form the basis, allowing for categorisation into the behaviour tendencies. Building on this insight, the user develops a realistic picture of himself. Your knowledge about the behavioural pattern of your own personality allows you to deal with others with heightened awareness, to manage employees effectively and to successfully develop the management of your company.

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