Personal & Business Coaching

Coaching is one of the most profound experiences I have ever felt. LIFE CHANGING.

Coaching federations try as they may to term what coaching is, but terminology fails to explain the full impact that a coaching session done right can have.

We are extraordinary and stronger than we imagine. We have gifts & abilities beyond what we have discovered within ourselves. We have the potential to set goals and aspirations and to reach them, yet we all get stuck at some time. Stuck by limiting values and beliefs, stuck by barriers stopping us from moving forward.  There is no solution and one-size-fits-all. You just need a little help, in a safe environment to unpack all the stuff keeping you from that breakthrough moment.

As a coach, I listen intently and passionately, so that I can hear and see every word spoken. Not just with my eyes and ears but with my heart and spirit. I want to listen for the unspoken words and feelings. I check for the subtle body language changes. I listen with my heart to hear what sometimes only a heart can hear.  I listen for values and beliefs that could be empowering or could be limiting or sabotaging your progress. I listen for the meaning you give to words and your life experiences. I follow a professional coaching process, and I am willing to challenge you to get the results you need. I have a handy toolbox gained from my studies at reputable coaching training companies.

Creative Life Planning

Reinvent your life at ANY age

Do you need change, or has change happened for you, and now you have to adapt or sink?

Retrenched or retired?

Searching for clarity in your purpose and the next five years of your life?

Creative Life Planning is a well-researched international coaching program that takes you on a journey of self-discovery. You will find out your specific capabilities, skills, motivations, dreams, and values. You will discover that you are more equipped than you think to embark on this new journey.

Our coaches are so eager to meet you and walk this part of your journey with you.  Contact us now and find out more about this international program.

Career Coaching

A life with purpose

What am I going to study?  What career do I choose? Need a more challenging job or a less stressful one?

Do these questions have you spinning around and around with no clear vision in site?

Then stop the cycle and sign up now and let one of our coaches take you on this well-researched international coaching program. You will discover your specific skills, motivation, and dreams that will unpack these tough decisions for you so that you can make the right decision and start moving towards living your dream.

We will discover what fits you best based on your strength and skills. Discover what surroundings you will flourish in and stay motivated and fulfilled.

Our coaches are so eager to meet you and walk this part of your journey with you.  Contact us now and find out more about this international program.


Live the dream

Have you always dreamt of having your own business?  Not sure where to start?

You are the right place, being an entrepreneur is a profession that can be learned.

Let us show you how to tap into your potential, discover your talents and mission so you can live your dream.  We will challenge you, encourage you, and inspire you to develop your business plan that is innovative, sustainable, and original – just like you.  We show you the tools you need to start building a great business or to boost an existing one.  Our program is extensive and well developed from a South African and global perspective. This international coaching program is presented by coaches that know what it takes to start a business from nothing, to build it, be resilient and persevere, with a no give up attitude.  They have experience building companies from nothing.

Our coaches are so eager to meet you and walk this part of your journey with you.  Contact us now and find out more about this international program.

Resilience training

Live healthier, perform better

What is Resilience? Flexibility to challenges.  I think its best described as Neo from the Matrix. Yes, I am going there. But really, when he dodges those bullets meant to destroy him, he had some serious flexibility. What was more profound was when he beat the system and realised that he had control, he could change how he reacted in the situation.  When he realised this power, he out-smarts, out-wits, and out-lives stressful Mr. Smith. Too cheesy?  Ok, yes maybe, just a little.

In this life, you need to bounce back, stand your ground, and keep moving forward. Develop the warrior within you and shout out, is that all you got! Bring it on, but know one thing for sure, you may hit me hard, but I AM going to hit back harder.

 Come to a place where you are no longer constantly defending your own, but taking ground and winning the battle.

Develop resilience and live longer and perform better. It is finding that sweet spot of work, life, balance.

The Resilience coaching program is not taking lightly, it is a well-developed international program.  The training is offered on a one on one basis or in a team.  You will learn skills to develop resilience and insights into your strengths and weakness to help strengthen you.

Our coaches are so eager to meet you and walk this part of your journey with you.  Contact us now and find out more about this international program.

Look out for our phenomenal retreats.  We run the following retreats throughout the year, at our beautiful venue in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

AHA Moment

Your aha moment when you get your breakthrough is priceless.

I value in the highest regard my client’s trust and confidentiality. It is not my role to judge, criticise, or find fault, it is however my role to love and love fiercely.

Our experienced & professional coaches share the same passion and have worked with individuals, managers, and executives.

Contact us for one-on-one coaching, or consider one of our coaching programs which can be done individually or with a team.   Ready? Let’s go!


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